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Need help fast (Read 44191 times)

Need help fast
Mar 10th, 2006, 3:33am

There is a guy I have liked for quite some time now.  HE is in his 30's and from what I know is quite shy.  

The times I have seen him he is always nice to me and will say hi but then has to go real fast and that is it.  He doesn't have problems talking to other girls yet a friend of mine has seen him look or glance at me when I am not looking.

I would like to try to ask him out for a coffee or something but I am scared the signs of him running off means he doesn't like me.

Can anyone give me advice before I do see him and ask him out and get hurt?
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Re: Need help fast
Reply #1 - Mar 11th, 2006, 3:32am
#1 He likes you and is nervous that he is going to say something that will make him look like a dork, so he plays it safe and says "Hi" then leaves while the going is good.

#2 He is courteous to you, but is not interested and leaves before you get the wrong idea and think he is interested.

#3 He likes another girl and he doesn't stay to socialize with you because it would make her think that he wasn't interested in her.

 I presume that you already know for sure that he is a single person?
 What are the circumstances that you keep bumping into him? Is he a coworker? Schoolmate? Is he part of a group of friends that you bump into while everyone is out and about on the weekend?

 If you are worried about rejection then perhaps this idea may be helpful. Pick out a movie that you would like to see and one that he may like, then the next time you see him start a casual conversation then mention that you have really been wanting to see the movie. You could say that you haven't seen it yet because you don't like seeing that type of movie by yourself. Then smile at him and maybe give him a lil wink or something too? See how he reacts to that. If he seems interested in the topic then that's a good thing.  If the guy takes off without offering to take you then he is not interested or is a dumbass and wouldn't know a gold coin if it fly out of the Heavens and smacked him in the forehead.

 I'm taking a wild guess here that you are somewhat reserved and not extremely outgoing. If you are in a group of friends, I get the impression that you are the quieter one that listens to everyone else talking.
 I also get the impression that you are generally honest and loyal.
 I think you are self conscience and tend to worry what other people think.
 To me all of those qualities are desirable.
 Life is to short! The only person in life that you have to impress is yourself because that is who you have to live with.
 If you asked him for that coffee and he declined, I say his loss! so don't worry about it.   Everyone can't be Everyone’s type in the world. Everyone has different tastes, so even if someone got rejected, it doesn't mean that they aren't desirable.

            I'm curious on the outcome!.. Take care.. Matt


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