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Why are you still SINGLE? FIND OUT WHY!!!! (Read 2299 times)

Why are you still SINGLE? FIND OUT WHY!!!!
Nov 30th, 2004, 6:03am
Hi guys!!

So here you are spending another Sunday morning alone instead of cozying up sharing breakfast in bed with your special someone. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?

If you dig a little deeper you might just find a way to break through and realize your dreams of happily ever after.

Below are few of the most common scenarios of why people haven't found love. If any of them strike a chord follow the advice given. If not, take some time for honest self-discovery and find out what's blocking you.

1. Too busy to even think about love.

With all of life's demands these days, taking time to find a partner can seem incredulous. Instead, learn to play smart. Make a list of traits you'd like a potential partner to have.

Create a list of things you offer and can bring to a relationship. Then, figure out a few places where you'd find the most people with the similar traits you listed. For instance, a golf club, a running group, etc. In addition to this, try an online dating service such as Just use the information you already created to make your profile!

2. Too scared of heartbreak.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we end up failing before we even get our foot in the door. This is most likely to happen when we dwell on what could happen instead of allowing things to just occur naturally. Don't fixate on the negative otherwise it will be sure to happen.

Relax, trust yourself and know that no matter what you go through it will always be something you can handle.

3. No one has met my criteria yet.

Making a list of traits you wish your potential partner to have is something I continually advise. But, like many things there can be a downfall to it. If your list is filled with too many specific traits, such as they must make X amount of dollars a year or they must be from a certain city, you're going to find it difficult to meet anyone.

Don't get too carried away, and allow yourself to be open to new experiences. There is something to be said about the old truth of opposites attracting.

4. I couldn't miss the Friday Night TV Movie Special!!

How often do you actually get out to try and meet new people? You're not going to get anywhere if you're sitting at home avoiding the inevitable. If confidence is a factor, do something for yourself. Start a new workout program, get a new hairstyle, or buy a few new clothes.

Take some time out to improve yourself. Not only will it make you feel better about yourself, but you'll find yourself more attractive to other people just because of your attitude shift.

5. I'm still in love with my ex.

How can you create a future with someone if you're too busy looking at the past? There are three outlooks to anything - the past, the present and the future. Anytime you overly focus on one outlook the others start to dwindle away.

Each day spent avoiding the others is a day wasted. Do whatever it is you need to do to get over it, and move on. Life is full of surprises, twists and turns. It is not an easy, straight path. Let go of your past so you can see what is in store for you just around the corner.


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