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Are you too CRITICAL of your lover. FIND OUT!!! (Read 2388 times)

Are you too CRITICAL of your lover. FIND OUT!!!
Nov 29th, 2004, 7:27am
Hi ya guys!! Grin

To find out if you are  too critical of your lover  take this short quiz! Afterwards you'll be given tips on how to improve your "critical" rating!

1. Your partner leaves the towel on the floor for the fifth day in a row. You...

a Pick up the towel and leave a note asking them to put it away next time.

b Put a towel holder (or a basket) nearby, and put the towel on it for your partner.

c Confront your partner and ask them why they keep leaving the towel on the floor everyday for you to pick up.

2. While driving, your partner nearly backs into another car. You...

a Don't say anything, and chalk it up to your partner being tired or distracted.

b Tell your partner to watch where they are going, you don't want to die anytime soon.

c Ask if they are tired, and would like you to drive instead.

3. Your partner makes you breakfast, but slightly burns the toast and brings you a drink you cannot stand. You...  

a Ask them why they can't remember what you like, and refuse to eat the food.

b Eat the breakfast, including the toast, and inquire if there is any of your favorite drink left because you'd like a glass of that as well.

c Eat everything, but the toast and leave the drink alone.

4. Your partner washed your car for you, and put a small dent in the back of the car. You...  

a Get really upset and ask them how they could possibly manage to dent the car while washing it? This is your car you know!

b Let your partner know you are upset, but tell them it's okay it was just an accident.

c Tell them it's okay, and thank them for washing your car. Then ask them if they would mind helping you find a way to get it fixed.

NOW...Add up your points using the guide below.

Question 1:  a) 2  b) 3  c) 1
Question 2:  a) 3  b) 1  c) 2
Question 3:  a) 1  b) 3  c) 2
Question 4:  a) 1  b) 2  c) 3

Critical Alert!!
Score = 4 - 6 points

You need to watch where those daggers are landing! Are you interested in a healthy productive relationship? If so, practice what your mother told you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all!" You'll both be a lot happier!!

Watch The Tongue And The Anger!
Score = 7 - 9 points

You're not too overly critical, but you may find yourself letting lose once in awhile. On the other hand, you may also find that you keep things in and then explode over the small stuff. Find a way to control your feelings by realizing that no one is perfect. If you can talk about the problems in a civil and adult manner, then you'll find yourself a lot happier, and less likely to be critical.

You're Groovy Baby!
Score = 10 - 12 points

You know how to handle yourself! Mutual respect is a very rare and valuable trait in a relationship. Enjoy your relationship, and especially each other!

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