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Internet LOVE (Read 4795 times)

Internet LOVE
Nov 25th, 2004, 6:57am
Darling M,

I don't know what happened to me whether I was crazy or just lonely, all I know is I was sick of being deceived, mistreated, and unloved. Then you came along... I don't know why. All I know is that I felt a connection on our first chat, something I had never felt before which at first made me feel uneasy, stupid and even a bit childish, which made me go through all kinds of emotions as we chatted and began finding we had a lot in common. I felt like we had known each other from an unknown past.

At first I was scared and a part of me wanted to ignore and just believe that you were just someone who was playing a game being that we were both behind the screen. I was thinking I was crazy to have the feelings I was beginning to have for you. I was really upset with myself and became very angry with the way I was feeling. I

I didn't want to admit to you or anyone else that I was falling for someone I had never actually met. I thought I was becoming insane myself - darn it - I tried to fight these feelings off but they were just too powerful for me to ignore! I tried to convince myself that this can't be for real; that you couldn't REALLY be feeling the same as I was... I was going insane!!!

No matter how hard I tried - I just could not fight the feelings I was having for you.

Then the night came when you were expressing how you were beginning to feel which I tried not to believe, because I was scared of being disappointed, but the magnetism that I was feeling was so strong that I could no longer fight it. Our chats became an everyday thing and the feelings just would not go away no matter how hard i tried.

I just could not resist the temptation of meeting you while I was on vacation near you... all along I could not believe that you were for real, but when we finally first met I knew then there was no way I could stop from loving you.

I thought that if we met, these feelings would just go away, but they didn't. I tried so hard to convince myself that there is no such thing as true love... but you have made me believe differently.

We have been together for nearly 9 months now and I still love you and even more so now. You have become a part of me that I will always cherish. I love you with all my heart always and forever, . You have brought me so much happiness.

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Re: Internet LOVE
Reply #1 - Nov 25th, 2004, 7:01am

Hey Beautiful,  Smiley Smiley

I just wanted to do something simple to say I love you and to put that smile I love so much back on your face. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me. Ever since  I MET YOU online through the web  I've been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet.

I tell you this everyday, but you are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out and I see that more clearly with each passing day. I love everything about you, about us. You do something to me that no other has, you have made me so happy, the happiest I've ever been. You give me the most amazing feelings inside, the feeling of being in love with you.

I still don't know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life, my dream come true... I am so thankful though. In this short time that we've been together, we have grown so much and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you, Gihani, with all my heart and soul, always and forever!

Love always, Kiss Kiss Kiss

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Re: Internet LOVE
Reply #2 - Nov 25th, 2004, 7:06am
Darling Suresh,

I  was on my way to bed and wanted to write you a little note. Thank you so much for having so much faith in me and in us as a couple. Thank you for making me a better person, and for giving your heart to me and opening up so much.

Ever since I met you through the Internet  it's been truely wonderful;

I never expected to feel this way nor actually be with you in this way, experiencing life with you. You are wonderful ... to me, to my friends, to my family.

You make me really happy and even though we are apart so much of the time, it's made up each time I see you again. The feeling that I get is overwhelming every time that I do get to see you for the first time in such a long time and as time goes by my feelings for you grow dramatically.

I was thinking so much about that earlier tonight, when I am going to meet you at the airport. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just at the thought of seeing you again.

You make everything complete and I can't imagine spending time with someone else and having these feelings for anyone else. I'm anxious to see you again  Time is ticking, and it's going by really slow.

It takes a strong man to accomplish everything that you have in your life, I am proud of you that you stick to your goals, you have improved your life so much from what it was before and I am so happy that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours.

You say that you are going to make me a happy woman ... well, you have already done that, just by being you and showing me love and being so open with your feelings. You are what I dreamed of when I was a little girl, someone with integrity, honesty, love, affection, handsome, and with such a charming personality. I never thought I would find you, but here you are.

I love you so much, and can't wait to be with you again. I want to give you my heart and soul. I don't care about anything else in the world because I am in love with you, . I love you.

Thank you , for you have made all of my dreams come true. I could not ask for more. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be called your girlfriend, I'm truly honored. Thank you.

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