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WHY? (Read 2379 times)

Nov 11th, 2004, 7:34am
Darling. Kiss Kiss

Why do I smile when you cross my mind

Why is the most precious thing I hold is our time

Why does hearing your name right my wrongs

Why are you all I think of upon hearing love songs

Why upon you a price could never be placed

Why do I value indefinitely what we seemed to have laced

Why with a smile would I shoulder all your bad

Why for your happiness would I give up all; and still be glad

Why when I enter you do I feel higher than the stars

Why would I mark my own soul and take all yours scars

Why are you so beautiful that you shame even a goddess

Why are your qualities all good; kind, compassionate, and modest

The answer to these questions isnít hard to find

But if I thought of them forever I really wouldnít mind

Because it makes me think of you the woman that I love Ė

Who I love being close to; youíre the hand Iím the glove

The time I spend with you is fun so it always flashes by

But the main point is; I love you darling, and thatís the reason why...

Your boyfriend
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